River Branch – Community School

397 Main Street, Suite 5
Waterbury VT 05676


Days and Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:45AM-4:15PM

Infant/Toddler program (6 weeks through approximately 18 months)

The infant program at River Branch is based around forging a trusting relationship between teacher, child and parents. The infants enjoy all the magic that the natural environment and their indoor environment have to offer; lots of sensory play, singing, stories, movement, tummy time and art!

Older Toddler Program (18 Months-3 years)

The older toddler program focuses on independence, self-regulation and gaining new skills to last a lifetime. Our program strives to provide the older toddlers with a day full of opportunities for exploration and creative expression. In the OT program we use the outdoors as a backdrop for countless learning opportunities; from gardening in the summer, to collecting and discussing local flora and fauna in the fall and winter, to marveling at the joys of mud in the spring: when our toddlers are outside, they are true scientists, mathematicians, artists and athletes!

Preschool Program (3-5 years old)

The River Branch Preschool classroom will provide your child with a multi-age, play and nature based education which will foster social emotional growth, reinforce language development and communication skills, expand fine and gross motor skills, and continue to emphasize independence. Our PS program provides a familiar structure within which children can make choices throughout the day about the activities in which they will take part. The teachers work to create a balance of teacher-directed activities based on the children’s interests and open-ended free play. The teachers work with the children to extend and enrich their interactions with each other and with the diverse materials and environments to encourage creative play. We are a Universal PreK partner and qualifying families will receive ACT 166 grant money.